For many of you, your children face the possibility of a number of weeks or months without education.

We will try to continually update this page with fun educational ideas and resources to help keep the children entertained and occupied.

Joe Wicks, who is also known as the Body Coach is hosting P.E. lessons on his YouTube channel on weekdays at 9 am. Click here to view his channel.

Jiggly Wriggers based in Fordingbridge, Salisbury and Downton have recorded a series of videos especially for younger children on their YouTube channel. Click here to watch

The Scouts have created a new series of resources called "The Great Indoors", full of fun activities for children to do in the home.

Lego Challenge

A huge thank you to All the Cool Stuff, who have set up a 30 day Lego challenge, starting from today (23 March). We’d love to see your challenges, so please post to our Facebook page.

Audible has released a free range of stories for children of all ages to listen to; free of charge. From Winnie the Pooh to The Wheels on the Bus, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Alice in Wonderland there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Click here to browse the range of free stories

BBC has a wide range of education resources on their BBC Teach page for children of all ages, covering all key stages and subjects.

Classroom Secrets has a fantastic array of resources covering maths, reading and key stages 1 and 2, with fun interactive games to get children's creativity going.

Premier League Primary Stars offers a range of fun activities to keep active outside, as well as English, Maths and P.E.

White Rose Maths is a specialist maths website with maths resources from early years to year 8, and they play to add older year groups too.

Scholastic has a range of four daily videos, built around a story.

Teach Your Monster to read has an excellent website with fun games for younger children to help them learn to read and improve their reading.

Top Marks has a range of information based on popular topics including maths, music, history and geography.

Twinkl has a fantastic range of resources for children of all ages and also has a suggested timetable for the day to follow.

Phonics play has made their site free with the login details on the site for younger children learning their phonics, while Phonics Bloom offers a range of fun resources and interactive games to enjoy learning phonics

Explorify is a specialist science website, especially for primary school children. Simply register for free and gain a range of exciting science ideas.

ICT Games was made by a U.K. teacher and features fun educational and interactive games for children to enjoy.

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J.K. Rowling has unveiled a new website called Harry Potter at home. It featured a range of fun articles, quizzes, guides and even introductions to the series if you have never read it before.

For art lovers or anyone who enjoys painting, Little Red Boots Art is doing a live watercolour art session this Friday (3rd April) at 2pm. We’d love you to join in and for you to post your art to our Facebook page.

You can also download some beautiful colouring sheets, great for mindfulness and anxiety or just general fun from May Summer-Perkins here.